Thursday, 6 October 2011


Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Judy Garland....Okaasan.
What's the connection?
Dirty underwear all over the living room?
Random shopping?

No. Drugs overdose!!!!!

But luckily, oh my God...luckily...Okaasan just got all bleary eyed and more confused than she took 3 days worth of dentist 72 hours.

Our fault. We didn't control her intake and she kept taking them.

Dentist on Tuesday morning gave her NINE pills - antibiotics to reduce the gum swelling I think - with instructions to: "Take ONE after meals".

Okaasan had that bit of information in her head ok, and worried and worried and worried about it.

Tuesday lunchtime - check. ONE.
Tuesday dinnertime - check. ONE.
Wednesday in the kitchen looking at the medicine packet..."I should take this after food, but I don't have breakfast, what should I do. Is it ok with coffee? It says after meals, but I usually eat at lunchtime....what should I says....".
I suggested eating a yogurt and taking the medicine and she happily agreed and I left for work.
Okaasan by the TV eating yogurt. Medicine in front of her. ONE...?

Wednesday night. Family Dinner: "Do you have your medicines to take?"
"Oh yes, where are they? they are. Oh...almost finished aren't they!"

"WHAT?????? Finished???? How?????? You had SIX left this morning!!!!"
"But it says I should take one after meals, so I did".......
"Have you eaten 6 meals since this morning?"
"No, but it says here I should take them after meals..."

and on and on and on and on.
Yujiro got a bit angry with her. I calmed him down. Trying to explain and reason with her doesn't work at all. She doesn't understand...she forgets the first part of the arguement anyway....

Oh my God. We are so relieved Okaasan is ok. She looked bleary eyed etc. But she had been out for a late afternoon walk, and she ate a full dinner.
We guess she took SIX antibiotics during the day...the morning one with the yogurt, and then FIVE more.......

Learned THAT carers' lesson very well then. Okaasan hates medicines and hospitals, so she is never going to take medicine much...but anytime she does...we must be very, very careful. Must dish out the meds ourselves at the correct times...must...must...

Welcome to my world...again.
Beach? Cairns...already fading as a happy memory....

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  1. talk about welcome back to reality.... glad your Australian vacation went well tho! and that Okaa-san is ok...