Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ongoing nothingness.

Am still here - haven't been washed away in the rains.
No nearly as bad as poor Thailand of course, but it's been preeety wet here.

Stayed home at the weekend, didn't do much.
Spent hours though filling out the 8 pages of application form to be considered as an IELTS examiner. 8 pages!!!! Aghhhh.....trying to think of times in my professional life when I have been precise/been creative/challenged...that kind of stuff.
Somehow Being an Oyomesan in a Japanese Family probably doesn't qualify you to be an examiner.

Nice thing - was a cake scoff out at the Grand Hotel cake buffet with other foreign women in Japan, all members of the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese. I'm not married and I don't have kids, so my life is a bit different....although...maybe kids and teenagers and their needs come close to two young cats and a demented old lady? Anyway, that was fun....big plates, small cakes (lots) and fun chat.

Okaasan ongoing nothingness really.
We bought some cute little flasks from the home care center at the weekend - one for rice and the other for leftovers/hot food of some kind.
But we haven't used them yet because Yujiro was home for lunchtimes. He has a regular customer, a blind lady who comes to Sapporo on holiday alone several times a year and she uses him and the other bike taxis as kind of personal he had a series of late-afternoon bookings from her and started late each day.

Okaasan stayed home a lot in the rain. She folded up old newspapers in her room. I spirited away a bunch of washing when she wasn't looking. I managed to cook a pumpkin without her help.

and do you know what? Okaasan has started sucking her thumb when she sleeps? Talk about return-to-childhood.....mind you, I had a boyfriend once who did that!! Very disconcerting and not at all sexy.....

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