Friday, 18 November 2011

Accentuate the positive :-)

He's home.
My solo-carer week is over.
Oyomesan Mission Accomplished for this time.

And sweetest thing? I was out working the first night he was back, so he had dinner with Okaasan.
She TOLD him that she'd been to the Glenn Miller Orchestra concert with me, and that my father had liked Glenn Miller etc.....
She remembered!
All worth it. Created a happy, positive memory for Okaasan in connection to me.

Now time to get on with other things in life that need doing: vacumn the carpet, go to the hospital for the free large-intestine cancer check-up for 50 year olds, take the cat for medicine to make sure he didn't catch anything from the rat, change the tires on the car for winter, write Xmas cards, think about Xmas!

Yesterday, just after I'd left my downtown class and was out in the park taking pictures of snow...a local Tv camera crew found me. They were doing interviews with locals about how-do-you-feel-about-arrival-of-snow-etc....and the interviews were rather strangely done bending over and peering into a big pot with a camera at the bottom of of course everyone's double-chins showed nicely.
Mine? Triple-chin I think.
Caught myself on local Tv in the late afternoon...very scary image. I'd better add haircut to that list of stuff to do!

"My wish: I want to go skiing soon!"
(50 year old English teacher)

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  1. You're 50!!!! You look in your 20's!
    Then again, I'm only 6.5 years off hitting the big Hawaii Five-Oh, but 50 seems so old, uh, you don't look it though, and I hope I won't either.

    I remember in 2008, when my boyfriend was visiting - I then retired in 2009, returning this year, doh, long story - and I took the day off work to go get my visa renewed (I could have done it in the vacation time but sod that)and blah, got the visa done by about 9.30am, yay, long story short, got interviewed about where we were going that day, -The Asahi Beer Museum, of course - and I like beer and rah rah rah and fack, it was on TV and the school was like, 'Hmm, nice trip to the visa office, then'.
    Sorry this comment is so long but I have heaps of time to slay sitting at this desk.

    Skiing. Yeah. I can't wait, too. I go to Gifu. Not gonna snow there for a while longer though. Wish I was in Hokkaido.
    Have you ever taken the ferry over to Russia from Hokkaido?