Monday, 14 November 2011

Just a Monday.

Mondays I don't usually see much of Okaasan.
I'm gone at 9 am, back for an hour late afternoon and then out again and back at 8.30 pm.
Same today - left her food, came home and made her dinner and left it on the table.
Saw her briefly in the kitchen in the morning and she thanked me for taking her to the concert (should stave off a good few negative feelings about me I am hoping!), and then briefly again when I got home at 8.30 pm.
She ate all the food I left out for her in these hot flasks. Useful.

Tomorrow night I am home. Better cook something all warm and friendly on the table together - shared hotpot maybe - to give her some facetime.

That's the saddest thing about Okaasan's life now: she doesn't have any interaction with ANYONE apart from us at home and various shop staff. I feel these weeks when Yujiro is away must be even  more so.
He seems reluctant to get her involved in yet another hula dance class. The class at the adult culture school where I teach is maybe good for her: small group, low level, and not too many stressy performace days.
But he needs to take her along to observe the class on a Tuesday lunchtime (I'm working then), and he's let 2 Tuesdays slip by without doing it. Probably exhausted by the whole hula-dance-will-she-won't-she-like-it-saga. Can't blame him for that. But it's sad that she doesn't have that social acitivity now.

She's asked about him a few times. Where is he? When is he coming back? This time we are honest that he is visiting friends in Tokyo area. She seems ok with it. Seems...who knows...

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