Friday, 4 November 2011

Kneely there.

I am Oyomesan's left knee.
Two years ago I was THE main topic of this blog. Never mind the old lady and her problems. I was the Main Event.
Now I am a lot stronger.
Yesterday I was taken for a long bike ride in the autumn sunshine, all the way from Minami Hiragishi to the Makomonai Olympic park....where I took a break with sandwiches on a bench and wistfully watched other, healthier knees jogging...and then I cycled on and round the park. And back home again.
Then I sat down and recovered.
Oyomesan watched THREE movies on TV, with a glass of white wine and cheese and olives.

I'm a little way off being able to climb mountains again, but going for a long bike ride is a BIG pedal for knee-kind.
Kneely there. :-))

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