Sunday, 4 December 2011

Family walking.

Four days stuck at home - Sapporo got the first real ice and snow of the winter and Okaasan couldn't get out.

Finally yesterday we took her out for a walk and lunch.
Helped her decide which clothes she should wear and then we set off by car and then subway to a city center station. Funny now how I am getting used to doing these things for Okaasan, standing in her room while she frets around about clothes and bags and gloves - trying to advice her. Progress  I guess.

Walked through all the underground passageways and shopping areas with her - probably 1.5 km. A good walk. Along the way we saw free art installations and an interesting photo exhibition about the Sapporo Winter Olympics 40 years ago.
Then lunch at a department store - where we found a trick art painting on the floor....


  1. Love the pics! What a good idea.

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, Despite the trials and tribulations, Okasaan and you are lucky to share this time with each other. You are getting to know the woman who molded your loved one. She is hopefully... in some very basic ways... understanding and appreciative of why her loved one needs you in his life.

  3. I hope so, when you fall in love with a person you don't (in this age anyway I think) really think about his/her parents - but sometimes you find yourself having to get to know them too....and their underwear..