Thursday, 1 December 2011

Laundry basket case

The hours we spent thinking about Okaasan's laundry....

Yujiro realized in the last few days that the reason Okaasan has asked him for money a lot recently is that she had three dry cleaning receipts (furthest back was for August) he gave her money, she bought other stuff, and then she rediscovered the receipts and asked for money again....each time she'd forget that he money was for the dry cleaning.

So we took the receipts and I went today to pick up the missing cleaning.
And - managed to get Okaasan to give up that grimy sweater she wears all the time - I spirited it away for cleaning with just a little prompting.

No wonder she wears the same thing - I picked up 5 T-shirts/little sweaters at the shop.

And getting the laundry going in the opposite direction: Yujiro sneaked into Okaasan's store room to return washed clothes to the jumble of stuff on the bed. 
I'm too nervous to do it when she is there next door watching TV...but with all the snow and ice I fear she won't go out for days - so he ever-so-carefully slid open the door from the hallway and sneaked the clothes back onto her bed. She was next door watching TV and never heard him. I doubt she notices that there are suddenly clean pants and pajamas on the bed among all the stuff.

Crazy isn't it! I think the time is a-coming when we should just be more up-front about doing her laundry. March in with a clothes basket and get her to put stuff in it, "it helps you to do it in the machine, instead of by hand doesn't it!" etc - but I'm not quite brave enough to try it.....yet.

And so it goes. Very icy in Sapporo right now, I don't think Okaasan should/will go out walking in this.

I've noticed in the past few days she is looking at the newspaper flyer about dance classes at the culture school....I wonder if she'd like to go?

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