Saturday, 28 January 2012

Japanese Immersion Course.

Japanese Homestay to Improve Your Nihongo!

Woman-to-woman conversations twice a day, with regular repeats to aid listening skills!

Wide range of topics: wartime shortages; cooking; sardine fishing; my father did black-market business with American G.I.'s; the health benefits of oranges; how to grill fish bones;    child labor in wartime Japan; knitting with younger siblings hanging off you; knitting V-neck sweaters; how my husband choked on a fishbone.....
....and return to start again.
Catch it all a second, third time and then try our special service: Blended Stories. Can YOU tell where one story ends and another starts?

Come on up to snowy Sapporo - and get snowed/frozen in with a real-life Japanese old lady.

Enjoy hours and hours of one-on-one time to hone your Japanese language skills.

Sign Up: Okaasan and Me, blog.

Soon. Please!


  1. When you sell it like that...
    Hang in there, it'a almost February.

  2. LOL. Way to monetise poor Okaasan. You should go into marketing. Make every experience sound special...

  3. You're funny!
    Love the 'Blended stories'.
    So true.
    Like 'Ottoosan choking on a fishbone whilst knitting a sardine in a child labor camp.'

    NTG's was 'Queen Mary always used to pop round for a cup of coffee.'

  4. p.s Maybe I have alz(hate spelling the damn word) because otherwise why am I awake at 3:30?