Friday, 13 January 2012

Remind me...

...never to move home ever again!

Yesterday tried to help - a bit - my friend and her family move into their apartment.
Boxes, boxes, boxes....5 adults and a baby in a smallish apartment....OMG.

Moving is hell, however you try to make it easy for yourself.
My friend was amazingly calm through it all, I'd have been knawing at the curtain rail.
I don't envy them one little bit having to do all of that. My friend's parents are here for 3 days (staying in a hotel) to help, but the trouble with unpacking stuff is that only the people who are going to live in a place can really unpack and decide where to put the stuff...there was a lot of hovering and "what can I do?" going on, which wasn't really helping.

It brought back memories of our move almost 3 years ago (wow time flies when you are having fun!!), when we moved Okaasan and ourselves, and the cat, and the goldfish - into this house. Luckily this is a big old house, with lots of space to absorb our stuff. I am sure there are things under the stairs I haven't seen since we moved in.
And made me think what will happen next. Our next move in life....when Okaasan goes into care or dies. This house is actually too big for just two of us and two cats, and not so well located that I could move my English school here. Maybe we could have a lodger.
When Okaasan....what? Is that bad of me to think of that? I can't help it. This is just a stage of our lives. It's been 3 years now, and she is still basically strong of-body...and mostly of mind. Living with us has slowed the progress of her dementia, I think.
She could go on...and on...and on....oh least another 10 years!!!

I'll confess: there is a small, evil part of me that hopes she will have a slip or a fall which will speed it all up a bit.....There. I've said it. I'm not so evil that I'll actually stick my leg out and trip her up...but y'know, can't help hoping....that "something"will happen and and then she'll be beyond our home care, and I won't have to struggle with Japanese cooking and underpants anymore.

I expect this blog entry will be used by the police as evidence against me when Okaasan DOES have an accident...

Meanwhile I am Kind Oyomesan.
Okaasan came home 2 nights ago with only one glove, and a left hand the color of a lobster in minus 7 C temperatures. Lost glove. Again. She spent ages hunting in her room for it. But of course she didn't go out originally with only one glove, so I'm 99% sure she lost it when out. Or the infamous Glove Thieves of Sapporo stole it.
So yesterday, after work I bought her some more gloves. She can't go OUT to shop for more gloves, without gloves on her hands....

Yujiro's away for 2 nights so I am on lunch and dinner/chat duty. Doing it.


  1. I could repost half of that - as is. About Granny K - and she's only bloody 74. At least i don't have to cook her dinner or clean her underpants. Yay for small blessings.
    Good luck for the next two days. I feel for your friend. I actually like moving but I couldn't do it with hoverers.
    It will be nice when she's settled and you can visit each other for coffee and catchups on a regular basis.

  2. I think you're writing what a lot of caretakers for the elderly are thinking and would write or say if they dared. I can appreciate your sentiments and actually admire them more than those who sacrifice their whole lives, giving up *all* other activities to be at home with someone who possibly doesn't even appreciate the care. It's rather sad for all of you that your life is somewhat ”on hold“ right now, but your basic kindness is showing through!