Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Still here...

Haven't disappeared under the snow...still here.
Just starting full schedule work week and he was home, so Okaasan care was less. And my friend's family are moving here this week, so I was getting heaters/unused curtains and stuff to offer them....etc etc
Sapporo hitting a cold spell - I think it was minus 4 C daytime here...tomorrow night could be minus 11 C!

Okaasan fine, as much as she does anything of interest.

It's funny what she remembers and what she doesn't. The short term memory is a strange thing.

Yesterday she was watching a TV program about Tahitian dance - which looks like Hawaiian dance but with more power - and when it finished she came into the kitchen where I was making dinner.
I commented on the program, and to my surprise she remembered it (from 30 seconds before) and we chatted about that. It sounds so normal, but for Okaasan it isn't - many times I comment on something I know she's been watching - cos you can see her TV from the kitchen - but she looks blank.
This time the Tahitian dance information was still there in her short term memory.

Her memory power varies, stuff you'd think would stick obviously hasn't...and then random things have taken root in there somewhere and she can recall them.
The strangest I reckon is the shopping - something Okaasan has bought, and brought home, by the time she has got back and it is in the kitchen...."did I buy this?".

But now I am used to saying "Good morning" several times in the space of 20 minutes, or repeating the first part of a story for her, or describing again where something comes from. Somebody gave me gingko nuts recently and Okaasan must have asked me 10 times: "WHERE do they come from?"...all in the space of about 5 minutes.

Memory interests me, maybe cos I am a language teacher and I wonder how and if students will remember vocabulary etc.

Okaasan's short term memory varies. Just when you assume she probably doesn't remember something...she surprises us and clearly DOES remember.

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