Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Last one standing.

Sorry, haven't blogged.
Too busy being the last healthy person in the household.

Yujiro stopped work finally after 3-4 weeks of non-stop skiing and taxi biking - came home Sunday night...and spent Monday and Tuesday in bed feeling sick (but apparently well enough to watch soccer games on his computer phone)....

Now Okaasan is complaining of a neck ache - which is almost certainly as a result of falling asleep slumped between the sofa and the table - so SHE isn't eating either and is laying low. As before, we'll let her do that for a few days until she forgets why she isn't eating and starts again...

But interestingly, she did remember that Yujiro wasn't feeling well on Tuesday and came into the kitchen to ask me how he was etc.

Of course: mother and son stopped eating in accordance with Nishi-sensei's creed.  Okaasan gives over-eating as the cause of all sickness. In one wonderful moment recently she responded to my gentle, idle chat about the Emperor going in for a heart bypass operation with a comment which kind of suggested even the Emperor of Japan has brought his problems on himself by over-eating....I am imagining maybe the Emperor kicks back on the sofa with a mega-bucket of KFC and a bag of COSTCO potato chips.

Anyway. Yujiro is now back on track and able to battle with our on-going computer computer seems to be a better use of money than repairing the old and my tax data may be rescued and fall emotionally into the welcoming arms of the accountant. Or not.

Me? Working, working and.....TUBING!!!!!

This is what bad English teachers do when a hiccup in the schedule gives them an out-of-the-blue Tuesday afternoon off work !!

Just a little side note: cos it isn't big enough to deserve a whole blog entry of its own. Our local city services free newsletter has a big feature this month about dementia and people who care for family at home and MRI imaging etc.
I left it for Yujiro to read and absorb. And then...I brought the extra copy from my English school classroom and slipped it into Okaasan's morning newspaper too.

I really wonder WHAT a person with dementia thinks about their own condition. Okaasan isn't so far gone that she isn't aware of her own failings, I am sure of that. I hope that reading about the newsletter advice about the importance of exercise/ chat with family/ helping out around the home etc will nudge her to think: "yes, I should be doing these things, otherwise these little memory lapses I have will worsen".

I don't think the newsletter advises being extra kind of your Oyomesan though....

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  1. You don't see smiles like that on the faces of our peers in the Motherland these days. Good on you for making the Great Escape all those years ago.