Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Night visitors...aghhhhhhhh!!!!

Woke up at 5 am today with the MOST AWFUL spasms in my right thigh.
Lay there scrunched up like a corkscrew moaning and gasping.

It stopped.

5 minutes later it started again.

And again.
And again.

Happened about 10 times between 5-7 am. Made slightly better with stretching and back pushing by my resident ski instructor - in between him on the computer doing internet searches trying to find out WHY.

10 times! Once I was half way up the stairs with two, luckily empty coffee cups - when it struck and I was felled into a gibbering wreck.

By 8 am he and I were at the local hospital, because unlike Okaasan I actually think these places can do some good.
The orthopedic guy had a good feel all over my legs and tapped me in various places. Then sent me for X-rays.

All came: Zilch. Nadda. Nothing.

All looks ok.


I have no idea. Dr. Google has various advice about bad circulation and lack of potassium etc, dehydration, the other suspects are heavy cats on bed, too many blankets, favoring my right leg too much when I walk....and "r" in the month? 
I don't know.

Now I am drinking lots of water and I'm going to eat a vegetable shop a day.
And go to bed tonight with trepidation.

Anyone any ideas?
This is like cramp, but not. After cramp you can't walk easily. After these spasms - each time- I could walk without any problem.
It was always the same place on my outer right thigh, where my hand touches if I stand.

Awful. Ouch. Blue murder.
Anyway, better go home now and get ready to meet the accountant for my taxes.
More pain incoming I expect.


  1. I've had this, too, and in fact had it two nights ago after standing in lines and walking around Tokyo Disneyland. I think it's really overdoing the exercise in some way or holding an unusual position for a bit longer than usual (in my case, I think it was the cramped rides and sitting with my knees scrunched together and bent in a different manner).

    I wouldn't worry too much about it unless it continues. I think mine lasts a maximum of two nights. It's excruciating though.

  2. Really? I hope so - it was very painful and a bit scary because it would creep up and happen and left me gasping each time.
    Been drinking water all day long.................

  3. Whatever it is, I hope it gets better. It sounds horrible.

  4. Hi
    Take a look at this site. It's called restless-legs-syndrome.

  5. Hi TG - I DID look at this site yesterday actually....
    but I think what I have is more/different from restless legs sydrome - this is a sharp, short painful muscle/nerve spasm.
    Like an earthquake wave running thru my thigh!
    I had them again last night when I first went to bed, and again this morning.
    This time weaker - partially because I instantly pointed my toes at my face and hugged my knee to my chest - to stretch the leg muscles.
    But I am still getting them...and nervous to go to bed again...:-( I wish I had Okaasan's forgetting now!!

    1. I have been enjoying and learning from your writings hugely.Thank you.

      I leant for muscle health, adequate amount of magnesium is vital. There is no need to worry if you are taking too much because it just go out as waste. T