Sunday, 25 March 2012


Dinner wasn't so bad after all.
Funny, that.
Maybe I was so tired and low-key that it matched Okaasan's mood.
We just ate fish, spinach, soup and rice together and chatted about this and that.
She wasn't in the hamster wheel of repeats. We just chatted about fish...and spinach...and winter..and cherry blossom...and spinach...and the cats getting health insurance...

It was...oh my...I am going to admit this...."okay" as an hour at the kitchen table.....

The cats have now wangled their way right INTO the kitchen at mealtimes, where, if they sit on the floor or quietly on a chair they are allowed to join the event.
They stay away from Okaasan's dangling legs, and don't swipe food off the plates - so they are a welcome conversation topic. Okaasan thinks they are cute.
And so.
After we finished eating we put the fish bones under the grill and made them all crispy and discussed how crispy is good for getting a calcium fix. Then Okaasan WASHED the dinner dishes for me. 

As I say, it was an okay evening.
After a looong, hard day.

I think there maybe a toilet accident results somewhere in Okaasan's room - I can see a bowl of wet pajama bottoms and a towel, and the toilet bowl is a bit dirty.

But that is a situation for another day.....
I might try to get her to the hairsalon today and then I can get into her room and check.

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