Monday, 26 March 2012

A day...of hamsters and Talk III

Okaasan not so great today.

Hamster-wheel conversations at lunch and dinner.
Lunchtime she told me round-and-round about the cooking school in Tokyo and how it was near movie star Ishihara Yujiro's house and how my husband came to look at the house. x 10
Dinnertime she told me about Nishi-sensei and how he was mysteriously cured from all of life's ailments by the magic of Not Eating. x8

Mid-afternoon I showed her the bowl of soiled pajamas and underpants and suggested lightly that THIS is why wearing pads may be a good idea.
But she just fingered the pajamas as if seeing them for the first time and kept saying "Really, is that so?"
I took her to her changing clothes space area and picked up the toilet pads and some of her clean pants and suggested it would be a nicer feeling in her clothes if she used a pad.
"It's not a bad feeling at all" she countered, clutching her nightdress.
Of course she is talking about NOW. Right now, it isn't a bad feeling. Because the memory of shit-filled pants has gone. Cartwheeling elephants.

And I called the hairsalon and agreed with the stylist that Thursday would be a good date and time, because I can take Okaasan to the salon before work.
Then I gave Okaasan the telephone - so she feels part of the appointment-making process - and watched as she confused the stylist with a whole Sunday?/Thursday?/daytime?/evening ?conversation and then where-is-the-salon?-wheel...until I took the phone back off her and ended it.
THIS is why she needs us to make appointments for her.
She can't keep track enough in a conversation to know what day or time was offered and agreed. And she still isn't sure where the salon is after 5 visits.
I'll take her Thursday before I work at 10.30 round the corner from the salon.

And me? Mid-afternoon I escaped in the car and went shopping. And...went to a department store massage salon and paid a vast amount of money-I-earned-in-the-hellish-narration to have a 40-minute whole body massage.

Bliss! :-)

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