Saturday, 17 March 2012

Operation Panties

It WILL happen.
This weekend maybe.
Early next week?

Operation defrost the panties and use them in evidence to tackle Okaasan about the need for her to start using pads or diapers.

He's gone away ski teaching for 4 days, so it's my bonding girl time with Okaasan.
I'll cook her up a few nice meals, and let her chat and chat.
Get her all warm and fuzzy about me - and then go in for......... The Talk.
Armed with: 
1) Nice pink box containing pads and diapers.
2) Nice pink top trash box - marked in pink with the word "Napkin".

Presentation and wrapping is everything in Japan. The country lives and breathes Presentation.
So, I hope my presentation of these things and topic is adequate!

This week I didn't have much to do with Okaasan - work and out a lot - so I think I need a few days to soften her up and get her all friendly with me.

But I'm armed and ready for action :-)
Wish me luck.


  1. I give you the luck of the Irish (minus the potato famine!)

  2. Good luck! Packaging sells in Japan, I hope it works for you!

  3. Good Luck. Hope she gets on board but am half scared you then might have smelly panties and pads stashed in funny places :(