Friday, 6 April 2012

Boring ongoingness.

Nothing much to report.
How NOT to start a fresh post on a blog.

But, I guess it is a sign of how much I've accepted and got into the Oyomesan groove (rut?), that I just do a week alone with Okaasan now and don't have much to vent about.

First week for several classes as April is New Start time in Japan for work and studies, so I had new text books, a few new students...things to arrange.
I tried explaining to students that in England we just don't have this season where everything starts - schools start in September, but new staff join companies at all sorts of different times, as required. In Japan this week there were formal entrance ceremonies for everyone - from new kindergarten kids up to office workers and army recruits. 
So it is hard for my adult students to think outside the box and imagine a society where people start work at different times. I think I graduated in July and had a bit of a holiday, and maybe started work in September? I don't remember at all. Certainly no ceremony - I was the junior reporter on a local newspaper, and I got a desk and a typewriter. Probably I was given Flower Show results to type.

Anyway. Okaasan.

She did her usual stuff: sleeping, TV, little trips out for a walk, had a bath, sat and bored me silly with stories of wartime and Nishi-sensei.
Japan was hit by a huge spring typhoon this week - here it was gale force winds and snow. Two students cancelled and I had a long lunch and coffee with my friend and her baby instead.
The lunch box delivery came all week, so I only had to do dinner for Okaasan. Tuesday night was a late rush in with a box of KFC and heat up some soup. Luckily she likes KFC.
I did her laundry, I took out trash from her room, gave her spending money, told her to close a forgotten open window.....blurgh.

I told you it was all very boring.

The city has sent the 2012/13 Health Cards and information about city health checks - so when Yujiro  comes down to reality from his ski/hotel life - THEN I will nag him into submission to get Okaasan sorted for a daycare assessment.

That is going to happen. Yes, I can!

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