Friday, 13 April 2012

Head above water...

Still here....frantically paddling around, with my head above water.
Hate April in Japan, actually.
It's the new start time for everything - schools - jobs - businesses - systems - laws.

It just means everyone is a bit fraught.
I introduced two classes to their new text books this week - had to put out a lot of energy reassuring students that they CAN do it etc.
And the Fukushima documentary subtitle work project is getting underway, this week I was in contact with 13 translators who are going to each take sections of the film and do the Japanese to English translation. I look forward to seeing the interviews in the film emerge into English.
So lots of work-related stuff this week....
Had a killer Tuesday...and then a killer Thursday. Did almost 7 hours of classroom time yesterday. ;-(

Luckily, Yujiro is home and shopping and cooking. So I can escape that.
Okaasan muddled along in her life.
 She was late coming home Monday, Yujiro called her phone and she claimed to be just 5 minutes away...but still hadn't appeared 10-15 mins. later. It sounded like she was in the same maze of streets where she was found by the police the other week, so I went out in the car to find her.
The car headlights zoomed in on her about 200 meters from home, staggering along the badly lit street, clutching onto the fence as the car lights approached and weighed down by a slab of a fashion magazine in her an apple and some yogurts.
Really not the best time of day or place for an old lady to be out: but we can't stop her. Well, I could if chains and padlocks were legal.

Apart from that: not much to report.
I took her dry cleaning to the favored shop. We cleaned up another toilet accident.

Really can't think of anything else to say.

It's been a looooong week.
Tonight we (he and I) are going to see a baseball game because a student gave me tickets - I am so tired I shall probably doze off in the boring bits ( of which there are many in baseball, in my walking around scratching their balls and throwing chalk around).

Oh, and North Korea fired a rocket this morning, which didn't go very far. The Japanese Government was on panic alert about the small chance it would fall on the far south islands.
Now the Japanese media will have to find a new story to fill the airwaves and news pages.

Let's end on a happy note: THIS was my dinner-between-classes yesterday.
Yes, shop near my classroom has this incredible waffle delight.
I didn't bother with coffee or dinner. Just ate this.
It was scrumptious...............

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  1. Yes, so true about the media and having to find a new story! May is getting closer :)