Monday, 2 April 2012


I am here.

(well this was actually 3 years ago before we moved in, but you get the idea..)

Yujiro? He is here...Hotel Piano at Kiroro ski resort. All week. Free food. A bit of work at some ski association event. No dinners with Okaasan. No cat toilet box. No supermarket wandering. No laundry to hang. 

Somehow I made the wrong turning in life. Didn't I?


  1. If he was trying to teach in yesterday's blizzard, I wouldn't envy him. They had one lift going and the kids' ski school running even though the wind was knocking people over at resort level - goodness knows what it must have been like further up the mountain. We wimped out and got an early bus back to the airport :-(
    We did look out for him but didn't run into him. Do hope to meet you both one day.

  2. Hi Claire - yes he was there at Kiroro, butworking as staff at the big ski association event - so maybe not teaching Annie classes. Sorry to hear your holiday was cut short.:-(