Friday, 27 April 2012

Slipping into normal?

One week no blog?
Have I accepted my fate?
Nothing interesting to report about living cross-culturally with a dementia-heading in-law?
THAT is a scary thought.
Was a time when I would jump to blog about the smallest event - now I'm not even checking in?


But in fact, it was a good week (Okaasan-wise), because I hardly saw her.

I was out working a few nights, helped a sick friend out by teaching her classes too, we had a couple dinner out on Groupon...and I think I only sat down to spend eating time with Okaasan once.
I delivered some piles of clean laundry to her.
Um....talked for 3 minutes about the cats.

That was it.

Tomorrow is the start of the spring holiday in Japan - almost 9 days of no work. But HE will start work as a bike taxi there will be more home-bonding-time-with-Okaasan and Oyomesan.

Watch this space :-)

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