Tuesday, 22 May 2012

There are LOTS of strange men!!!!

Let the chaos begin!

Our home is about to disappear under scaffolding and stuff for TEN???? days of outside house painting.
All thankfully paid for by the building owner, so we will be happy to get an old house looking like new.

But. In the meantime...the cats are spinning into stressy orbit in a house with all the curtains closed and strange crashes, shouts, scrapings outside....we decided to try and keep them in daytime and only let them out after 5 pm when the workmen have gone.

Oh, and my dear garden....all the spring flowers just emerging as big boots tramp around...

And Okaasan? What will all of this do to her peace of mind?
She's all very excited about it right now, the greetings with the work foreman at the door etc, the comings and goings....but...but...we will see what 10 days of strangers being constantly around will do.

Guess she won't be hanging pink underpants outside for a while.:=)

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