Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Banana Bonanza.

THOSE Taiwan bananas?
Gone! In an evening.
Monday night there were 5 or 6 bananas in the fruit bowl in the kitchen.
Yujiro had a banana conversation with Okaasan - reminding her that "Yes, those are Taiwan bananas, the only bananas fit for human consumption, and yes, YOU bought them yesterday, and YES, they are yours and you should eat them...because we are stupid people who are happy to eat cheap, nasty things that the Philippines or Mexico foist off on unsuspecting Japanese supermarkets..."
By Tuesday morning there was only one left.
Okaasan ate the rest.

When she likes a food she really likes it. And eats loads, all of them. Now!

However, we may be heading into another tooth-saga, last night at dinner Okaasan suddenly stopped eating and complained that her tooth hurt.
Shouldn't eat anything, should ?, not eating is better, isn't it?
And looking in pain and sad she pushed back from the table and headed back to her room and the TV.
The dental work of last year may need another patching job.

Anyway - cooking in the next few days may get a bit easier if she isn't eating :-)


Gorgeous, cute, wonderful cat pictures to follow. Your daily Cat Fix.


  1. Love the melted Kitty pudding! So adorable!

    Glad the banks were a hit! My dh is never one to pass up a bargain and bought THREE bunches of "inferior" bananas on sale. I sense banana bread and banana shakes in our future.

  2. Banks? Sorry, that was BANANAS!

  3. I did wonder...but thought maybe you were typing on a minute screen and have big fingers!