Friday, 22 June 2012

Let the panic begin...

Folk dance class try-out day has dawned.

And Okaasan is getting nervous.

Doesn't want to go.

Large clouds of deja-vu are fighting for air space above us. ;-(

SHE came home weeks ago with the Folk Dance class leaflet.
She had asked someone at the culture school what time the try out class started.
She had looked all enthusiastic about going along to it.
She had said how friendly the people in the picture looked.
She has sat for weeks, looking at the class leaflet and the culture school booklet for that group.

But, when we have mentioned it this week she has appeared surprised...

Then this morning Yujiro typed up a sheet of paper to tell her: a) the class is today, b) you should leave the house by 2.30 pm and c) you should meet me at your usual coffee bar downtown and we'll go together.
He gave it to her.
She spent 5 minutes reading it, and reading the leaflet and booklet again...and again.

And then she called him downstairs....

Why did you book this class for me? I don't want to go, folk dance is boring, I prefer Latin dance...this isn't any good, I never said I wanted to go to this, why do you think so....on and on and on.

He's now had about 4 conversations about this in the space of an hour, and he's gone to work. I am leaving soon. We HOPE she'll go downtown this afternoon and at least try the class...and then decide whether to go or not. Cos it's a TRY-OUT class!!!!

But, what is happening here? Why is she doing this?
Joining a class was a nice idea, but only that? The reality is scary for her? Meeting new people, doing something new....all very scary?
Recently she has got out all her hula dance skirts and accessories, and hung them up in her room - so it seemed she was getting interested in the idea of dance again.
But maybe it was only that - the idea of something. Not the reality.
He says he begin to have doubts this week when she appeared surprised to hear the class date was approaching, because he thinks she would remember something that she really wanted to go to - like the Mambo Concert recently.
And so ....we'll see.

Seems Okaasan going to an activity class gives us all stress...

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