Sunday, 3 June 2012

Shake your maracas!

Is that how you spell maracas? Those South American, dry bean-filled shaking things?

Okaasan went mambo yesterday.

We sent her off to this concert and she had a great time. came home all energised and smiley. And then slept all evening.

She loves music, specially Latin-music and was delighted with the seat I'd got her near the stage.
She went alone - because she really doesn't mind going to concerts alone, and in fact is proud of the fact that she doesn't mind. Often tells a story about how a neighbor was amazed that she would go alone to music she loves...
It was in the concert hall near where we used to live, but Yujiro thought it best to take her - because her memory for places she hasn't been to recently seems patchy.
So he got her primed up in the morning, early lunch, changed the photocopied ticket I'd given her 2 months ago for looking at, for the REAL ticket....she was ready and had her coat on way too early - we had to tell her to go and sit down and chill.
Then he drove her to the concert hall and off she went.

We enjoyed a Saturday at home...well I did a flash clean of Okaasan's room and some of her laundry etc - but also my neglected garden...and a movie on TV...and stuff with cats...

And Okaasan came home all happy at 5 pm, clutching convenience store food she'd bought. And she slept, and he and I could have dinner together.

All good.

Different ramblings: I had an interesting discussion with two older students Friday about dementia, and how/if you would know yourself in the early stages.
One of my students is in her 70s, as mentally alert and on-the-ball as anything - but she sees friends with dementia and hears about Okaasan from me.
Do people know themselves that all is not well - early on?

I don't think so.
Dementia comes in many forms - not everyone even has the memory loss that is maybe the most known aspect of this disease.
Would you know about yourself?
Would things be more confusing and frustrating, arrangements and schedules hard to keep track of? Would it seem that people around you are being less helpful and obstructive to what you want?
Early signs are often - less care about personal appearance, housework, daily life things that need doing, less energy, more sitting staring at the TV, less social interaction, more sleeping...

If you yourself were doing all of this - would you notice??

Funny story from my student S-san - a friend of hers was so worried about getting dementia that she booked an appointment at the specialist and went along to get tested.

"If you're well enough to make this appointment and come along here today - you don't need testing! Go home!" he told her.


and...finally...for the blog reader who asked me for more cat pictures:

you are SO right. Can never have too many cute cat pictures!!

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