Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sweetness and bruises.

She's ok.
Battered and bruised. But ok.
Her whole chin is swollen and turning purple and the inside of her lip is cut...and her knees are scraped. But she is ok.

Today was one of those working-days-from-hell. Not bad classes or students. far from it. Love every single one of them. But 6 1/2 hours teaching. Grabbed lunch and finally home at 7.30 pm. Didn'T have time to go to the station and hear the fall story.

Mid-afternoon Yujiro calls. An old friend  from way-back-when in his single life is SURPRISE! on holiday in Sapporo and wants to go out tonight eating and drinking. Let's go!!??

Ok. I have lessons will 7 pm.
There are two cats waiting at home for food.
There is an 82 year old woman who fell yesterday, also waiting for dinner.
I think not. Dear. You run ahead and enjoy yourself with your friends.
I will go home and Be Responsible.

So, I came home - via the supermarket to grab stuff - and home to cook dinner for Okaasan, and sit and chat with her to make sure she is all OK.
She is, actually dinner was kind of sweet. She was happy to see me and chat and laugh and giggle about wartime shortages - the whole didn't have lessons/made soldiers underwear on big machines - story all over again...and more.
It made me glad that I came home and cooked for her and gave her some face time.
She didn't go out today, so she's just been here all day staring at the TV. Tomorrow night we are planning to go out to a movie and tonight she really needs to be WITH someone and have some chat.

Not angry with him. Old friends suddenly arrive. Of course you have to go play. And he really wanted me to go (likes showing off the foreign girlfriend, even after all these years)...but I DO wonder at the friends...they leave it until they have stepped off the plane and are here in the city to say "Hey, why don't you drop everything YOU might be doing in life and come out tonight??!"

They know him from years ago when he was a single guy. When they were all single guys. Now, he has a partner, a mother, cats. He is a man with responsibilities. Or, a man with a girlfriend who shoulders his responsibilities....

** Hi GaijinWife! - In answer to your question? Does he actually have regular customer for the bike taxi?
Yes! In Sapporo, some people use the bike taxis for hospital/shopping/concert hall/gallery trips and ring up and book a bike taxi - and this week he has a blind woman from Saitama, she comes on holiday several times a year and uses the bike taxis every day to go round town...she enjoys chatting to the drivers, and they help with shopping...Yujiro even helped her shopping for an iPad and fixing it up with applications for blind use!!!
And when he is helping her ....I am at home helping his mother.

There is irony in there somewhere. Maybe.

Time to eat cheesecake. A student gave me today. I think I might just eat the whole thing.
I deserve it.


  1. You're a good woman you are. Good on you for choosing the responsible road and staying home with okaasan in a time of need. Her fall must have been quite traumatic and in all honesty it sounds like she probably prefers spending time sitting and chatting with you anyway. Men are a just fu**in clueless sometimes. Probably didn't occur to Y that perhaps he should be declining the invitation. Nope. He MUST go out with friends and MUST drink. Sorry, turning into own rant about own husband :)

    Hope you have a lovely date night tonight. Thanks for answering my question. I think its lovely about his blind customer lady. Now just tell him he needs to start channelling some of that old lady helpfulness into his own home with his own mother.

  2. Oh, I hear you....he had to go, of course.....but...but...and this morning he is creeping around with a hangover and worrying that his blind lady - with her extra sensory powers will detect the alcohol. Yes. She. Will.
    and the date tonite? half a date...we have to do the movie, cos the tickets are booked and today is the final showing - but dinner/drinks afterwards...shelved, cos he'll probably be comatose by early I expect i'll have another dinner alone with Okaasan.
    Yours in Martyrdom.