Sunday, 24 June 2012

Where next?

Calm after storm of confusion.
Okaasan is back in her nice safe routine. 
BUT....I saw her sitting there looking at a diary...and culture school booklet...and...and..AND...leaflets from travel agents for Hawaii tours!!!
My God! What if she booked a tour???
Actually she doesn't have access to enough money to pay a deposit etc - I think...but even so, it would be a whole new level of surprise if she made plans to leave the country!
Yujiro actually controls her pension and other monies. We dole out about Y1,000 ($10) a day to her for incidental shopping, carefully never giving her money that will get spent on all sorts of stuff.
But I guess she could go into a travel agent and sign up for a tour, and then when the deposit is due suddenly ask for a large amount of money. Or the tour company would suddenly phone here and give Yujiro a heart attack. :-)

What would Yujiro do?
I really don't think she could go on a tour unaccompanied. Even a Japanese tour, where the guide caters to the customers' every need. She wouldn't be any good with new places, and people and "meet at the bus in 10 mins/come down to the hotel lobby at 7 am" etc. She would need a guide just for her, to make sure she was remembering it all.
But, but...this is an independent lady who signed up for hula classes and the tour to Hawaii within weeks of her husband's death.

We had a good time Friday night - a bar with food on Groupon, and then a very good pub restaurant in Susukino. Talked about Okaasan a bit...but not too much....both of us just exhausted with all of that.
Decided really to just leave her and her leaflets. Not to step in and make her dreaming into reality by booking classes and making appointments. Maybe it is better just to let her dream.

Okaasan has a table full of little notes to herself. Often about TV shopping offers - prices and phone numbers...but she never calls them, despite having the cell phone. Relief really.
Some of her notes are in English - I think bits of English she sees on TV education shows - there is one at the moment that says: "I am dizzy" she storing up useful phrases to use with me?

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