Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Oh gawd...

Sorry, been busy - 2 weeks to go now till my trip, and everything gets onto "before I go" stage, work and home life.

Sunshine has been great and we've enjoyed breakfasts outside and the vegetables in the garden.

At the weekend a friend and his son came to tea in the garden, and then we went to revolving sushi with Okaasan - a family trip out. Okaasan liked seeing the 4 year old...until we got to the restaurant and then he was tired and bored and wiggled around on the seat, touching plates, putting his feet dangerously near the table etc.
She wasn't happy and didn't eat so much. Complained in loud whispers to Yujiro...
Sunday, I had the documentary film subtitle editing work again - hours and hours of intense work with the editing team. But, maybe it is done now. Well, it has to be done cos I and the other foreign editor are away for summer now.
Looks great! The film with subtitles.

And. Okaasan. And the hula dance class.
Oh. Gawd.
The teacher doesn't want her.
They have performance day coming up in November and are busy practicing for that etc etc - and Okaasan, while energetic and enjoying it all can't keep up with  step learning etc...

etc. etc. etc.

Oh bugger.

The teacher was SO sweet about it on the phone. In fact she said her own mother has dementia too, so she very understands...but in the politest way possible: DON'T BRING THIS WOMAN INTO MY CLASS!!! It will destroy our practice efforts!!!
A circle class, hobby class would be better. Yes, I can see Okaasan has a lot of pride etc etc etc.


Now I have to think of how to stop Okaasan going to the class tomorrow. The class she enjoyed and thinks she wants to join.

I think my language skills aren't up to this. I will have to call on Yujiro's help to make some large excuse to Okaasan...try to steer her to the old people's club circle class? Just give up again?

I am so buggered. I wish I hadn't shown her the information about all the classes at the community center, just taken her to the old people's class and let her join that one.

What to do?


  1. what a bugger :( Can you tell her it isn't running anymore? Or that its free if she goes to the other one? I'd get Yujiro in to help too. Hope she isn't disappointed for long.

  2. Oh god that is awful! And the last problem we expected! Sorry, this may be in poor taste, but perhaps she'll forget the class is tomorrow...? Don't envy your position!

  3. Yes, there is hope that she won't remember the class - but...but she usually DOES remember things she wants to go to (like jazz concert etc) and of COURSE I wrote Hula Class on her calender!!! But tonight I am working and Yujiro is going to talk to her about it...because he is such a sensitive, subtle person.