Wednesday, 22 August 2012


"Did I quit the hula class?"
"Yes, a long time ago...last year"
"No, the one in Hiragishi, that class. Did I quit it?"
" the teacher said it was too hard for you and wouldn't let you join."
"Really? She said that? So rude!"
"Well, she was very, very polite when she said it and sorry...but..."
"Well, it was hard for me....but there are other classes, for old people at the community center. Why didn't you recommend me to try one of those classes?"
"We did!!!!! YOU refused and chose that higher level class,yourself................."
"I did?"


Thankfully all of this was Yujiro and Okaasan the other morning. Not me.
The clouds of memory confusion cleared and in a gap in the fug she had clarity on recent events. She's got the hula dance dresses out again and has been looking at photographs of the old class.
And remembering.

Not sure we have the patience to start the hula class shall I/shan't I all over again.....maybe when the weather is cooler I will feel guilty about Okaasan's lack of social life and try again to get her into a hula class.

Sapporo is boiling this week. An unusual 30 degrees every day. Sweating ALL the stuff this week. My brain can't function.
The 82 year old mother of an acquaintance died in her apartment in Osaka recently - one son found her lying on the living room floor, maybe 2 or 3 days after she'd died. Wearing underwear. Hadn't used the air-con because the filter was supposedly dirty and the electric fan was faulty - so she died (probably, Japan doesn't do autopsies on most people who die).....heat.
I'm giving Okaasan water at every chance and making sure she is using the electric fan. Old people don't drink enough and tend to have an endure-mentality to discomfort...but Okaasan is lying there every day on the carpet with the TV....I worry.
Although....of course...IF she was a bit sick and ended up at a hospital...THEN she would get assessed for dementia and a whole chain of better events would unfold.

I'm evil for even wishing it.

Happier news: Okaasan made an appointment for a hair cut.
I told her that she wanted to have a haircut....rang the salon for her and handed her the phone...but she had the conversation...and I hovered listening to her end of it...and then wrote the day and time on the calender as soon as possible - while she was beginning to say: "was that the 12th? or 12 o'clock? or the 12th, what is the date today etc etc".
Now we have to see if she can remember how to go to the salon.....she thinks she knows the location.
Hmmm...not sure.

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