Sunday, 9 September 2012

Cake Cholestorol.

So, if you eat English cake every single day for 3 weeks.
What will happen?
Your blood test results at the annual health check will show SKY high bad cholestorol - instead of 120 something blood is trying to fight it's way through the cholestorol armies of 170 something technical. It's amazing I am able to sit at a computer. Or raise a chocolate to my lips.
170. That's High.

And, being Japan - this happy (though not amazingly surprising) news is brought to you by a cute cartoon figure.
He is probably called Health Boy or Get Your Body in Shape Boy.
There he is: just to the right of the health chart showing I scored A in all sorts of things, but a risky D in cholestorol.
"Get thee to a detailed blood check and STOP eating whole boxes of chocolates in 1 hour!"
Have to go and do something about that. Soon. First will get my friend who is a public health nurse to explain it all to me. But I this level set for skinny little Asian people? Is a great big padded north European allowed a higher cholestorol level?
But relef that it isn't anything more serious. One of my students had a health check and has been told to go in for tests on a possible tumor.
So. Relief really.
And weather relief too : the fury of summer has gone and almost normal temperatures for September are here. Chilly in the monring! I closed windows! I wore clothes!
Okaasan okaaayish. She was stressy in the heat. Not very good at judging the temperature and how best to make her living space comfortable.
I found her yesterday complaining about the heat in her room. But all the windows were closed, the electric fan wasn't switched on and the door was closed. :-(
She'd heard the sound of the trash truck engine and that usually sends her scuttling to close the windows against the garbage smell. But, the truck was at the back of the house - out on the city land - collecting cut grass from under the subway line.
I told her several times it wasn't trash. But she couldn't hold that thought...and fussed about the windows endlessly.
Then she fussed about going OUT to a cool coffee shop, and after SEVEN attempts to get her shit together and get out of the front door - she finally had everything and could go.
I blitz cleaned her room.
She came back 2 hours later. Slept a bit. Then at 6.15 pm (normal time for her walks) was all ready to go out again....we thought we'd stopped her by pointing out that dinner was a-coming. But...5 minutes later we saw her leaving the house without bag or phone or anything - setting off for a walk in the dusk as usual.
Sigh. Put dinner plans on hold til she reappeared.
Rest of it is fairly our-kind-of-normal....Okaasan not aware of hours and hours of rain, phantom doorbell ringers etc All in a Dementia Day's work.
If the weather really IS cooler, I will try and get her along to the old people's Hula class next week and see if that is something we can get her into.
The other day I saw a Day Care service minibus waiting for a client outside an apartment. The door was open and two wispy old ladies looked out. However much I want Okaasan to go to day care this winter - I can't actually see her getting into a minibus with these type of people and going somewhere with them.
I am pinning a lot of hope on the Oldies Hula Club as the potential for lots of physical and mental stimulation for Okaasan this winter. Even if we have to book a taxi to come and take her there every week thru winter - so that she will go, even on snowy, icy days.
But first. I have to talk the talk to Dear Son and see what he thinks about trying to get Okaasan assessed for day care.
Have to find the moment to do this. I am a coward.
Need chocolate to help me.

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  1. The link gives cholesterol levels in the UK- I believe there are different measures for Asian populations vs europeans etc. So it might not be as bad as the slighly shocked cartoon character suggests it is

    You'll need to do some maths though to convert between the two measurements they use- i'm not sure how they compare.
    At least its got cooler for you!