Thursday, 20 September 2012

Lift off?

He's agreed.
Assessment for daycare.
We have lift off....maybe.
Japanese males can move at a glacial I'm not expecting instant action, the default setting for men in Japan seems to be Let's Leave It Until There is No Other Option.
He says: I never said "no"....which is true...I guess...but from my pro-active viewpoint: Inaction equals No Action.

Anyway. Came about Tuesday night at dinner.
"Okaasan! Tomorrow is that hula dance class locally, shall we go along and have a look? I can take you!"
"Hula? I don't want to go. It's troublesome. Different people. Levels. It's troublesome. It's better that I go walking myself in the park and downtown. That's better exercise...."
"Oh, oh oh....but in don't go out so much...that's the problem...."

Stopped myself just in time and we made vague agreeing sounds and then changed the topic.

I Amelie-wilted inside.
I was so pinning my hopes on the hula class. Get her along to that, at the very least, this winter and maybe I can do another winter caring for Okaasan while he is away ski teaching.
But no. Understandably after all the hassle we've had with hula classes and Okaasan's fading ability - she has a negative feeling about it now.
So. That option is out.
That means Okaasan would have no human contact apart from me for days and days.....she would stay home with the icy roads and take no exercise and wait for me to come home and mentally stimulate her. For weeks and weeks.

We finished dinner and he and I came upstairs.
He was saying: sorry, sorry, sorry even before we'd sat down. He could see how Amelie-wilted I was. We talked. I talked. He listened. He said he agreed.
He said he'll find out how to apply for an assessment.
He said so.

Now I have to wait and see if he actually does it.

He'd better start the process soon, because everyone tells me it takes about 2 months from first assessment to approval - and it's the end of September.
Of course he is nervous. He isn't a naturally deceptive person, like me. I'd get her along to the much-despised hospital with some big white porky pie about "Sapporo city free health checks for all old ladies"....he won't do that I think. He'll be too honest and she will resist.

aghhhh......but we are onto the topic at least. :-)


  1. so it's not just my husband who procrastinates forever! Good luck! Hope he gets a fire under his butt about this finally!

  2. No! It's a bred-in response for the Japanese male of the species....along with teeth sucking and flicking thru TV channels in the middle of a conversation....:-)

  3. this is such good news! I hope that it will go smoothly for you all. (and that you can think of an acceptable (for her) reason to be talking to the doctor. Nancy