Monday, 22 October 2012

And back again.

Okaasan is back.
Back to the kitchen table for family meals.
Back to talking to us.
Back to giggling over silly things and shuffling thru her routines.

It is amazing how the voice and face changes. From Friday evening to now. So different.
Yesterday I bought gyoza, Chinese fried dumplings. They are one of Okaasan's fave foods - so much so that she doesn't need the ubiqutous bowl of white rice - cos she eats SO many dumplings. :-)

And so we sat at dinner, the three of us again. Talking about weather and cats, dumplings and noodles featured on a TV show.
All memory of Friday's events seemingly faded.
Until a care work arrives in our midst to talk about day center. Whenever that will happen.


  1. Happy things have settled down, bridges to cross yes but "enjoy" the now, you did it!

  2. Hi, So glad that she has forgotten! I wonder if they will let you pick your day care, like you would a kindergarten. It would be nice if they had one that she would enjoy and not feel pressured about the activities. I had heard on the news that they have some that are set up like 1960 homes, with the furniture and signs etc. and they do alot of singing etc. (although she isn't really at that stage, but she might enjoy the ambiance. I hope that the transitions go smoothly. Nancy

  3. Hi, I am checking your blog from Jakarta. I heard from Izumi that Okaasan finally went to see a doctor. I am glad to know now you are able to apply for the day care service at the city office. Big relief that Okaasan is back in a friendly/cheerful mood.