Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Care Manager Home Visit

Next Monday.
That's the next stage of the process.
At 9.30 am a city office care manager person will come and surprise the hell out of Okaasan by talking to her about how-nice-it-would-be-to-go-daycare....
It'll interupt the sleeping in front of the TV shopping, which is usually what is happening at 9.30 am.

Dear Son will be here. I will be at work.
Surprisingly the city office said only one family member had to be here.
Although I'd love to be here when the meeting happens - to see how it all plays out (and report back here in grim details!!) - I also think it's maybe best that I am NOT here.
That way Okaasan can keep this whole topic separate from ME in her mind, and maybe not blame me for the whole thing. She can blame Dear Son, but basically she loves him and trusts him - and after a few days of anger...will soon feel that way again.
If she suspects (as is true) that I am the instigator of all of this intrusive stuff. God help me!

So. I won't be here. Mother and Son and the Care Manager.
Oh, so wish I could bug the kitchen and hear how THAT meeting goes down.

I've already said to Dear Son, that if Okaasan refuses to go to day care even once a week - we should pay for a taxi to take her there and bring her back. Maybe she'd prefer that to getting in a bus with lots of wispy old people. Or pay for a taxi to take her to the local subway station so she can catch the subway downtown and exercise.
ANYTHING to make sure she goes out this winter and does vegetate by the TV.

But of course, I would be so so much happier if she would at least go and see a day care center.
There is a amazingly place near here - a big, pink building that looks like an annex of the Disney empire...and inside are hula dancing and stretching classes, and karaoke and hair salons - all SORTS of fun activities for an old lady. I see the pink and white vans for this place all over the neighborhood.
This is where I dream of Okaasan happily going once or twice a week.

But first....she has to agree to that idea.
The battle will begin next Monday.

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  1. Will keep my fingers crossed on Monday. They place you mention sounds really nice and she might actually enjoy it. Anna