Friday, 19 October 2012

He got her there....

Report from the classroom window.

At 1.59 pm I saw him striding towards the clinic, with Okaasan scuttling behind him.
I jumped up and down, punching the air in joy.
My 2 pm student arrived.

The car was still here in the parking area at 3.25 pm when I went to the gym.
It's gone now at 4.15 pm.


Tonight the three of us will gather happily round the kitchen table and chat about our day? So Okaasan, how was your trip to the mental health clinic????

I guess not.

Maybe...hopefully....Okaasan will be tired and stressed and not want to have any dinner. She'll sleep away the evening on the carpet, under the blanket by the TV and we won't have to have dinner with her.
And he can tell me why he hates me for forcing him to do this.
And then we'll drink some wine and beer.
And Nippon Ham Fighters from Hokkaido will win tonight's game.

Let's see....


  1. Yes! Progress, whatever. Do let us know the next bit as soon as you can.

  2. Oh my God. Do you really think he will resent you that much for pushing him to do the right thing? It is his mom for Christ's sake!

    Does he think it is ok for her to spend another Winter peeing herself and soaking the futon/tatami like last year?

    If he does think she is fine you definitely need to step back and think of a strategy to make him understand/accept the situation clearly.

    I know how hard it is to admit a parent is not longer the same person, I really do because I have been there myself, but from what I read your MIL definitely reached a stage where you can no longer be without help. It is not fair on you and it is not fair on her.

    You both deserve support.


  3. Dear oyomesan, from a fellow caretaker.....most of the time it is only baby steps forward and some even backwards...but today was a giant step for both your hubby and motherinlaw. Good for you. Anna

  4. I'm so glad she went! It is good to hear of slow but steady progress towards a better winter for all of you!