Saturday, 27 October 2012

To clean. Or not to clean.

That is the question.

Should I go into Okaasan's room this weekend (as I always do) and clean a little - enough so that the rats aren't partying-on-down amid the rotting food, soiled underpants and layers of dirt...but not enough that Okaasan notices any difference?
Always a fine line to walk.

Monday morning a city office Care Manager person will come to check Okaasan and her living situation.
I'd like them to see her normal living space - the clutter, dirt, unfinished/forgotten activities. Because it is all clear evidence that she needs help in life.
But I don't want them to report me for Old Lady Abuse to Social Services!!!
"My GOD! What kind of Oyomesan is this, that lets this confused old lady sit and sleep amid piles of trash? What terrible people!!! etc etc".

So. A bit of a quandry this.

I'm not sure when Yujiro is going to TELL Okaasan that a Care Manager is coming at 9.30 am Monday. Knowing him, probably about 9.15 am.
The news is sure to stress her and panic her into room cleaning. That usually means scooping all the clothes off the sofa and dumping them on the floor in the other room.
I'm hoping/guessing the Care Manager will view both rooms.......

Hmm..what to do.

If the visitor sees the trashy room they will get a very good idea of Okaasan's abilities. Hell, they might even decide poor-full-time-working-Oyomesan is so pressured they'll send a care staff to HELP Okaasan clean once a week!!!! That would be awesome.
Or: they will think I am ignoring the plight of this old lady and report me to the police.....


Nice day today. I've just cleaned my living space and put bedding outside (we are both having nasty insect bites at the moment from being forced to share our bedding with two cats...)...hmm...nice day...this afternoon I am going to see the autumn colors at the university...and then to a movie about Tohoku.
Tomorrow? Forecast says rain. I may stay home and watch movies on TV, read newspapers.
Hmm....busy weekend.

Don't think there is any time in that for cleaning Okaasan's room.....

Think it's a "Not to clean" then.

Very. Bad. Oyomesan.



  1. Maybe clean some of her room and leave the rest untidy for the assessment team to see.

  2. I would clean. It's your house after all. Just take pictures "before and after"