Friday, 16 November 2012

Day 1 - easy.

Very easy.
Hardly saw or spoke to her :-)

Wish I could slip thru a week like that...

In the morning I left lunch and shopping money on the table for her and said one "Hello" as she went thru the kitchen en route for the toilet.
And in the evening I was working, so I came home at 5 pm and put sushi on the kitchen table, and left again - so only another "Hello, sorry we were out" when I came home at 8 pm.
We have a small whiteboard for messages and I'm keeping the "Sorry, we are out tonight with a foreign guest, please have dinner alone" message that Yujiro wrote a few nights ago to use when I need it.
I've also moved his slippers around in the entrance hall a little - so it kind of looks like he is here, and left a few of his clothes on the kitchen chair (where he ALWAYS leaves stuff)...all reassuring for Okaasan I hope.
Tonight I have no work, so she and I will have dinner - so I'll spin the little lie that he is "away in Tokyo for a work meeting. That annual ski association training in Tokyo...."

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