Monday, 19 November 2012

Day 4. Ladies who lunch. And dinner.

Winter is here.
Had a Sunday of snow storms.
Plus lightning and thunder.

Okaasan stayed home all day and had the pleasure of my company for two, whole meals.
Chatted along about various memories. Asked about Dear Son a few times. Laughed at the cats.
She was wearing the big red cardigan that she loves. Told me her husband had bought it for her when they were first married. Told me that it used to have a colorful lining, but it got old and torn, so she'd taken the lining out. But the cardigan was still fine.
I took that lining out! About a month ago. After a lot of dithering on whether this was a good thing to do. Wondering what her reaction would be.
And the result is perfect. She thinks SHE did it.
Japanese language doesn't usually use the "I" or "you", just "lining took out", but from her tone of voice etc I could understand that she was telling me something she had done to make the beloved cardigan better.

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  1. I guess your cardi adjustment went by her so smoothly that she could only conclude that she had done it herself! Nice one. :)