Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Day 5. Wardrobe Malfunction.

Okaasan set out for her late afternoon/evening walk in....her big, wooly cardigan and a fur muffler and a hat. No gloves.
Temperatures here last night dropped below freezing by 5 pm and the streets were crackly with frozen bits of snow and ice.
Oh well, at least it didn't snow or rain - so I guess the cardigan is warm enough.
But, a bit odd.
She has a coat: a rather stylish dark pink, fitted item - which is what smart housewives would wear to amble along Tokyo streets on a slightly chilly day. Not really suitable for the snows of Sapporo.
I reckon we shoould buy her another coat - and some sweaters. The stylish coat is too fitting to allow more than T-shirts and thin silk blouses under it. Okaasan has got fatter in the past 3 years - all the wonderful food we serve and the sitting doing nothing day after day.

I'm guessing that when she got ready to go out (after my prompting at 4 pm) she realised that the big red cardigan wouldn't fit under the stylish coat....so she left the coat and went without it.

I left her dinner on the table as I had an evening class. Ordered myself a yummy curry from the Indian place near work and looked forward to ending Monday with some wine and curry.
But...I got home at 8 pm to find Okaasan had only JUST come home herself and hadn't eaten yet. So...groaning inside selfishly...I had to sit with her in the kitchen and eat together.
Know that feeling when you didn't expect to have to do something...aghh...I couldn't let my frustration show...had to make a bit of chit cht for her. But really disappointed. Hoped to have curry and wine dinner with the cats and the TV. Ho hum. Family duty.

He's home on Wednesday....and can get cracking on this enveloped full of day service decisions.

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