Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 6. Almost finished......

Okaasan is the star :-)
This is my caring helper - the computer screen grab of the GPS system on Okaasan's mobile phone. Wherever she is - well not actually when she is on the subway train - we can find her location. Just put in the code on our computer, press "Search" and within 20 to 60 seconds the map will come up! Amazingly, wonderful technology!!!! Here it is at 7.30 pm last night - showing me that she is wandering near Macdonalds in Susukino, in downtown Sapporo.
And it gave ME the essential knowledge that she wouldn't be home for at least 25 minutes.
I could hurry up and cook dinner, serve myself and sit there is solitary splendor in the kitchen with another glass of Beaujolais Nouveau. Never has food been cooked so quickly, served and eaten! I was delighted and determined to get a meal to myself. I felt tired and sad with it all. Had a bad night's sleep on Monday night, the weather, the responsibility, lots of work things on the boil at the moment...really DIDN'T need dinner with Okaasan too.
By the time she got home at 8 pm I was all done and back upstairs.
"Oh, sorry...I have a busy day tomorrow, I have to prepare, I ate earlier...sorry....!". Lies, lies and more lies.
She was fine with it apparently. Talked again about meeting her "friend" in the coffee shop. But doesn't know friend's name or where she lives. I heated up and served her food. Then opened up the dividing door so she could watch TV from the kitchen. Then I left her cheerfully:"to prepare for tomorrow's work".
Actually that meant running around the second floor with bits of string to entertain the cat. Drinking another glass of BN and watching Medium on TV.
But if it gives me stress relief it is a kind of prep for tomorrow. Isn't it?
He is home today. I hope. There is snow forecast again....if his plane gets diverted back to Tokyo I'll be on this blog whinging tonight.
But got one more glass of BN to go.
GPS systems and wine in plastic bottles - it's what every Oyomesan needs.


  1. That's such good use of that tracking technology. Most of the announcements over the loudspeakers where I live are about old people who've gone missing.

  2. Isn't it great! I find this a facinating bit of technology...and often I just click on it to enjoy how it works. It isn't good when she is under ground in the subway or in the basement of a big buuilding, but generally it's great.