Saturday, 29 December 2012

Just one night..

Give me just one night, una noche...

Tonight, I dedicate my love to you...

Tonight's the night, it's gonna be alright...

One night. He came home. And left again....for a week.

Girls, don't fall for a ski instructor. Or, if you do - make very sure not to get saddled with holding the fort at home with his aged mother, two cats and a house full of chocolate.

He's just left, off to work in east Hokkaido again and I am the solo uno Decider, Provider and Snow Shoveler in this home for 7 days.

But! I will get a rented car, at a slightly inflated holiday season price, so I have wheels for my winter Okaasan to the station...I put my foot down and said I REALLY needed a car for the week. We are paying half each for it.

Last night he got home about 7.30 pm with the New Zealand ski instructor he's been working with recently, she was a jolly, friendly soul - she stepped out of the car and into our family dinner.
I'd primed Okaasan about 90 mins before about Incoming Guest, so she could get out of her pajamas and move a bit of stuff around in her room. She even tried to clean the kitchen carpet....with a rolled up ball of newspaper!
The ski instructor was jolly, but not with many Japanese language skills - so Okaasan was a bit overwhelmed by all the English at the dinner table, and looked tired by the end of it all.
By 9 pm I packed the instructor back into the car and took her off to my English classroom, where she was staying the night. I came home and my Beloved was already in bed almost much for romance.
I drank and beer, ate some chocolate and watched TV.

This morning, he and I had couple time...of about 4-5 hours. Watched some recorded TV programs, played with cute cats, talked about the kitchen light fitting that needs replacing. All essential stuff. Just enough to oil the relationship wheels....just.

Had a threesome-lunch with Okaasan in the kitchen....

And then he is gone.

It's my winter holidays now. Since yesterday - and yesterday I WENT SKIING!!!!
Just 1 hour away from home, a subway ride and then a beautiful...I skied happily and felt all my usual life melting away....English teaching, snow shoveling, Okaasan and her life worries, house cleaning, impending New Year food cooking, dental problems...all melt away...


  1. SO glad to read you are going Skiing. The only way to survive the snow is to embrace it, whilst I am not an outdoor type I do find igloos and snowmen delightful, might make one soon. Just wanted to say I was so glad you Okaasan liked the daycare and to say Happy New Year to you. With all the very best wishes.

  2. Glad you got away, and to such a beautiful place. Happy New Year.