Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lights! I see lights!

Actually can't bring myself to finish that tunnel analogy following the terrible tunnel collapse in Japan this week - but you get my feeling.
Tomorrow the day service people will come and make the contract for Okaasan to become a customer.
Yippeee!!!! It's really happening. 
She isn't out the door yet...but soon.
Maybe she can start from next week and go once a week on Mondays to hula dance and chat. A minibus pick up etc.
Oh - sooooooooo goooooood.

He came back from ski work and filled me in, briefly, in the result of last week's meeting. Two men came and chatted. Okaasan repeated the "I moved here over 10 years ago" story - and they sold her the idea of a nice place with hula dance classes for essential exercise in winter.
(I wonder how they sell the place if the old person's hobby is a bit out there i.e. bungee jumping or lap dancing?).
Anyway, luckily for us Okaasan's hobby is a popular choice for wrinklies.

All happening just in time.
The weather is getting a grip and at the weekend he'll go off ski teaching again, maybe 10 days this time :-( My winter widow-time is here.

We'll have to think about how we get Okaasan ready for the bus on Monday, because I will be at work I think. She will need help to get hula skirt and things ready, and to be ready when the mini-bus comes. Maybe I'd better cancel the early afternoon class and come home to supervise her?

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  1. That's great news! I do love the idea of a day service offering lap dancing!