Wednesday, 19 December 2012


My stomach is all pink and healthy and "perfecto", according to the doc.

Big relief.
You don't realise what stress you are under until it is lifted.
I celebrated with a Starbucks blow out of beef sandwich, nutty latte creamy thing and a cinnamon roll.

And thankgoodness! The hospital used lots of knock out drugs, as my student had promised. I was a gibbering, tearful wreck even at the check-in counter for endoscopy so they could all see clearly what kind of patient I would be.
I took a stomach cleaning liquid first, then a throat-numbing jelly for 3 minutes and then was put on the examination bed and injected in the arm with sleeping drugs and a stomach calming drug.
One moment I was on my left side staring, tearfully at the wall - and the next moment I was on my right side in a dark, curtained off recovery room.
Obliviousness. That's what I wanted. Soooo glad technology has improved in 10 years.

I can now eat myself stupid for the holiday season. :-)

Another day at home for Okaasan...Dear Son is maybe home for 2 days from tomorrow night, we should take her out in the car and let her run around somewhere.
Another quiet dinner with her tonight. Mentally she seems fine. No toilet accidents. Yet.

Ahhhh...relief. I think I might go and open a Christmas present and eat the chocolates I know are inside. I don't have a Christmas tree at home, no time to set it up and I worry about the cats, but I decorated the rubber plant and put my presents around it.


  1. Wonderful news! I am glad to hear all went well and you are fine.


  2. So glad for you!!
    I've been worried about you and kept checking your blog for updates. Pleased to hear you're right as rain. Here's to many more years of "perfecto" checkups!


  3. Happy for you that exam results were perfect!!! One less worry for you. Hope Okaasan will give the daycare plan a try, it would be a good thing for her,I would think.

  4. Oops meant to sign post. Mimi

  5. That's wonderful news just in time for Christmas. Have an extra piece of pudding to celebrate and wash it down with lots of wine.