Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Same old, same old...

So - 2013 dawns. And in this home we are back to fighting the old battles.

That hula dance class and the rude teacher.

Day service manager came yesterday to get Dear Son's signature on the contract for the latest day service center. I wasn't here (thankfully!), but he says it was a struggle,,,with Okaasan caught in the no-it's-a-rude-teacher-I-don't-want-to-go loop...many...many times.
They would tell her that THIS was a new center, with a good teacher, that she'd been to already and enjoyed...and she would hold the thought for all of 30 seconds...and then lose it and go back on the loop again.
It is sad that she remembers the negative experience more than the positive experience. I wonder why?

The hula class will be almost every week, slighly different days...but hopefully often enough that we can get her there and she can get into a routine. Sadly though, not the SAME day every week. It'll start again next week.

It's something. Outside help with Okaasan. Dear Son's recognition of the reality about his mum. It's all good.

And to reinforce that reality - Okaasan had a massive toilet accident after the manager left. Dear Son had to clean it all up - toilet mat and carpet tiles and hand towel and toilet control panel...and..yukkkk...his own slippers....I am sure the stress of the meeting gave her the runs.

Luckily, he is escaping too much reality and going away on another ski job for a few days today.

* And finally....this is very strange...yesterday I met a blog reader on the subway!!!
Sitting there quietly after classes reading my newspaper and a woman sitting next to me suddenly says:
"Excuse me, are you English?"
"Are you Okaasan and Me blog writer?"

So strange!
She is actually a former student of Endo-san, a teacher/interpreter/tour guide friend of mine - and our blogs are linked.....and somehow this lady recognised me :-)

Strange experience. You sit here, in your pajamas, writing thoughts...and press a button on the computer...and sometimes forget that REAL people out there are REALLY reading this.

Onwards into the joys of new year.



  1. Wow, so sorry that you are still struggling with Okaasan. Do you think a photo book would help (photos of her smiling face when she is dancing etc.) Like you said she may be remembering even further away classes when she felt like she couldn't remember the dances etc. and refused to go with her friends. I hope that it all works out! sincerely, Nancy

  2. Yes, the photograph is a good idea..but maybe practically hard to do at the moment...because to take a picture of her in the class will be embarrassing for her and classmates...and I am working when she is there..and there are privacy issues about the classmates...and I don't want to put more burden on the care center staff....and...and...

  3. Sorry, but I smiled when I read your husband had to clean her "accident". Good. He needed some reality on his face (and slippers). Anything that makes him remember how much you have on your hands daily is a plus in my book. :-)