Thursday, 14 February 2013

Home alone with sitters

Ok. About to go off for three days of fun in the snow, hotels, onsens....and oh my god - a SPEECH IN JAPANESE!

I just went in and told Okaasan that she is in charge of the house for 3 days.
Gave her the letter Dear Son wrote: it is the schedule every day for food deliveries and who is coming into the house to feed Okaasan or cats.
She was a bit surprised, of course, lots of looking back and forth at the letter paper and the calender..."what day is it now? when is this? What day is it now?" etc

But ok. I think. I left another of the letters on the kitchen table.
She said that lunchbox delivery is not necessary because "I can put rice and egg in a pan and cook it up for myself"...and I told her that the lunches were ordered for now, so talk to DS about that on Saturday....don't want to get into THAT topic for now...I have the burned pans in the garden shed trash box...

Gave her money for incidental shopping.

Ahhh. Hope she is ok.
Hope the cats are ok. After a few hours of nervous over-excitement they are now curled up (uncharacteristically) together on the bed...I have left all the notes and instructions for the cat sitter.

Classes are covered by another teacher.

Speech is printed out and here in my bag.

Wooly socks and warm gloves at the ready for cold east Hokkaido.

Ahhh......I AM looking forward to this really. I want to see east Hokkaido in winter and meet lots of interesting tourist business people. I've been doing Trip Advisor since 2004 and have loved it. Now is a wonderful chance to have some real enjoyment out of that effort.

Charisma is packed.
Okaasan - YOU are in charge!

(god help the kitchen pans.)


  1. Terrifying! Good luck (to all of you)!

  2. Enjoy your break! You have earned it about 10 billion times over. And good luck with your'll knock 'em out of the park.

    - Karen in Washington, DC (long-ago resident of Kumamoto)