Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Birthday moan.

It's my birthday, and I'm feeling blue.
One of the cats is sick again. He was fine Saturday morning - we went away for the night - and came home and he wasn't eating, miaowing or walking around.
Monday morning the vet said he has a bad gum - could be stress, could be a cold. That's why he isn't eating. Poor little bugger had a shot of something and came home stronger.
Now he is all moping around again.

And it's my birthday.

We went away for a night to ski and enjoy hot springs and good food.
Did. In a way. Kind of.
Yes another weekend of blizzard hit north Japan, and after nine deaths last weekend in cars and among people who tried to walk home from their stopped cars - the TV news was full of warnings and advice.
We packed a blanket and shovel in the car and drove away, leaving a cat sitter for the cats and three lots of meal delivery for Okaasan.

Windy weather and snowy roads, but we managed to ski at my favorite ski area for a few hours. Then drove to a wonderful little lodge in Niseko to stay. He'd stayed here during working (it's owned by a ski teacher) and the decor, food, welcome and all was fantastic.
We had hot spring at dusk in the local big hotel - mixed outdoor bath with about 20 people of all sexes, ages and sizes - then dinner at the guest house.

52 years. Oh God. Feels so, so adult. Guess my life is now.
We have a vague dream that when Okaasan dies we'll live in NIseko - with all the skiing. Maybe I'll teach in Sapporo 4 days a week, and then home to the snow. Maybe we'd have a guest house...like this? It was nice to sit there and think about that.
(Although I wonder about the reality of growing old in a place like Niseko....we are in our 50s now, if Okaasan goes on another few years...we could be late 50s before we start a new stage of life...and that would give us 10 years of healthy life to be able to cope with living in a deep snow, countryside place).
Sunday morning the TV was full of even more warnings - so we gave up on the second day skiing and came directly home. Via the long route on the main road, round the mountains. Took us about 5 hours. Thru a blizzard, thru back roads and then double back because we were low on gas. Thru a couple-in-car-fight. Joys oh joys.
Came home to relax. And find our poor cat all sick and moping.
I feel guilty that our recent lives has given the cat stress. Yujiro away all the time, me rushing in and out trying to do home and work and cooking and shopping. And spending too much of my home time here - right here - on the computer, playing wordgames, reading blogs and making comments on Facebook.
And the poor cat felt the stress of all that. They can't go out so much because of the snow. And I'm hardly here.
You can see how I can load on the woe.
And he went away again today working: for 3 days.
And it's my birthday.
Okaasan seemed to cope ok with another abandonment. She ate all her delivery meals, and left the packaging all over the kitchen. Today she went to day care for hula dance. Yujiro had the joy of getting her ready and out the door.
Oh, but. My cat.
I cancelled my evening class to stay home with him. I have an easy dinner from a department store. A wonderful friend has just come to the door and given me a basket of goodies.
Life IS good. Really. Just feel blaghhhh...
Yesterday in Japan was the 2nd anniversary of the disasters that hit Tohoku. Just thinking about all of that puts my moaning into perspective.
My birthday will always be linked in my mind to the terrible Tohoku disaster. I celebrated 50 years old with a surprise limousine and champange, while thousands died.
I went to the bank this morning and set up a regular donation to a charity I support in the disaster region. There are people with broken lives, families and businesses.
I have it good. Very good.
But thankyou for listening to my moan.


  1. Happy Birthday! So sorry it was kind of a mixed day for you. Maybe you should chose another day for your birthday, like March 25 or something, so that the weather will be warmer, and you won't have earthquake memories interfering. Thinking of you! Nancy in Tokyo

  2. Happy Birthday, young lady!
    You are the same age as my husband and he thinks he is a "spring chicken" :) and acts like one :)

  3. It's perfectly OK to have a pity party on your birthday. After all, "It's your party and you can cry if you want to!" I had a holiday in Japan right after the earthquake. I couldn't afford to cancel plans and lose money. But in a way, I'm glad that it will always be linked together in my mind so that we never forget how lucky we are! Happy Birthday to you! You do a wonderful job. Being dutiful is not fun but you don't take it out on her and that's so admirable.

  4. Happy birthday anyway.

  5. ahh...thankyou ALL! I slept ok - got up for an hour and read newspapers, tried and faile to get the cat to eat, went back to bed with a cat on eachside....post-birthday must be better !

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to you.
    I also find birthdays here a bit of a let down,so i really liked your post.
    I hope your cat gets better soon.

  7. Hope your dreams of a ski lodge come true. It must be beautiful where you live.