Sunday, 24 March 2013

Doing a weekend.

Did it. All went well.
Gosh. I AM good at this.
Taken me...oh...getting on for 4 years....early readers of this blog will remember the times of stress and panic, of peeing in trash boxes and guilty secret dinners.

But now - all sweetness and light as a dear Oyomesan in Japan.
Amazing really.
I dished up 4 meals to Okaasan. Joined her for 3 of them. Chatted about flower arranging classes, and wartime foods, and the miracle that is tofu, snow melting and flowers, cats and stuff.
She was fine. A bit rambling in conversation last night and had to be reminded to eat the food in front of her. Had  bath when told to (gave me chance to hunt down the toilet accident pants). Today I told her to go out and enjoy sunshine. She was out for almost 5 hours downtown and came home with a heavy bag of MORE magazines and a bunch of flowers.

All smooth sailing. Hardly a gripping weekend for me. But that's fine. I am saving energy for the working week ahead. Yesterday I saw friends for lunch and tea. Then just watched TV all weekend.

God this blog is getting boring. I'm getting too good at being DIL to an old lady in Japan. Her dementia isn't throwing up lots of interesting stories, she is trotting thru her days and weeks with our support. Well, a lot of MY support.

The coming week she has one day of daycare. I have a large video narration job ahead, some editing work, some classes - and three evening classes. I recently told myself to do no more than 3 evening lessons when he isn't here - because otherwose I'll go pop with trying to do it all.

So. Onwards into the week.

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