Friday, 29 March 2013

Just when you thought... couldn't get any glummer.....

I rented a nice green car to go skiing tomorrow...drove home to make Okaasan's dinner and feed the cats before an evening class....and...

A sink hole opened up in the car park outside the house and the front tire went round and round and round.
Okaasan came and loooked out the window for entertainment, until I told her she was only adding to my stress.
Had to call the rental company rescue people. Cancel the student at 6.15 pm....wait...and then finally the kind neighbor came back from his dog walking and gave it a shove and a lift...and then drove it into the parking space.
How I get it out tomorrow is another story.
Came in. Cooked dinner for Okaasan and ate it with her.
And that was THAT week.

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