Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Kotatsu specialist

Went and bought one.
Couldn't be bothered with all the repair it? wait? try it again? stuff.
Particularly since the repair shop said 2-3 weeks to send the heater unit back to the makers. I'd already carted the bugger around all day on my working course round the subways (between classes, I don't WORK in the subways) - and what with too many goodbye-I'm-quitting-your-class presents f rom students really loading me down I was bag lady today.
Left knee - feeeeling the stress.

So I ferreted out a shop display table and heater in Bic Camera, waited 45 minutes while they checked it and packed it, loaded it into a taxi and went home.
(taxi driver has actually nodded off on the taxi rank, I had to tap on the window...didn't inspire great confidence...but he got me home at top speed.)
The taxi fare cost more than the kotatsu.

Then back to my classroom for one evening lesson.
Then back home to dish up curry and broccolli to Okaasan and while she finished off her dinner - including a second portion of rice - I grovelled around on the kitchen floor and unpacked the kotatsu, and put it together for her.
The old one is in bits around the house. Maybe the cats would like it?

Hopefully end of story.
My overriding concern - the more I thought about it - was the worry that the old kotatsu sometimes working/sometimes not feature was an early sign of faulty wiring and that the kotatsu might burst into flames while Okaasan slept. And then I would feel guilty as hell.
So. She is downstairs now. Tucked for the night. Thanks to her Oyomesan. It was yet another loooong day.

And. One more thing.
Today was hula dance at day care.
She didn't put up a fight about going. Off she went and came home happy and tired.


This morning I had to help her get dressed.
Actually had to choose the clothes and hold them out to put her arms into them.
That's a first.

She didn't seem to know HOW to choose a camisole. She stood there picking them up and putting them down again. Or stuffing them in her day care bag (which already contained 4 camisoles and 6 pairs of pants..).
She held the camisoles in her hands and looked at them, as if not sure if this was the right piece of clothing or how to put it on?

Finally I picked one up and held it open for her, told her to take off her pajamas and slip it over her head. Then did the same with a blouse.

It's the first time I've actually dressed her. Usually my involvement is as advisor...but the actual physical act of putting the clothes on she could do.

Not this morning.



  1. (shudders) at thought of dressing Granny K - although I have seen her semi naked on her trip from the bath to her room so perhaps I could get through it. Seems like a big step on the dementia scale for you though :( At least you saved the day care from finding a bag full of undies and cammies!!

    Very glad she didn't put up a fuss at all about hula. Great progress on that front at least!!


  2. Hi,
    I stumbled on your blog, and just want to say that you are an amazing person. I am of Japanese descent. I grew up in the States, married an European. My brother-in-law cares for my mother-in-law, and my eldest sister cares for my parents. Your blog is both humorous and touching. Your mother-in-law is very fortunate to have an oyomesan like you :)


  3. Hi! and thankyou. There are long stretches of boring nothingness on this blog...but occasional bursts of humor and insightfulness.