Friday, 8 March 2013

Locked out.

Okaasan got locked out of the house in a snow storm tonight..
But luckily, went to the 90 year old neighbor and hunkered down in her living room to discuss shopping bags and bad families that abandon old ladies.

Morning was like spring. Sapporo filled with the sound of dripping as meters of snow got a brush of sunshine and the big melt started. Of course this meant that all sorts of roof tops became danger-zones.

Neighbor's garage gets a "little off the top" before collapsing.

Anyway, nice day. I had no classes and because I am my own (bad) boss, I gave myself the day off. Went to the gym, we had family lunch. Nice day, so we sent Okaasan off for a walk.
Then he and I went to see a movie.

Came out around 6.15 pm, checked some sports clothes shops...checked his phone on our way to the car - and found SIX messages from Okaasan.

She's gone out without her key.."Please come home, I'm waiting". An hour before.

We got back - now the spring melt had reverted to the usual snow storm - and found Okaasan in the neighbor's home. No key. And no coat again - wearing a thick cardigan and a muffler...
Brought her in for dinner etc. She seemed ok....we all just ate and got on into our respective evenings by the TVs.

But, but....haaa....we should have checked. We were here in the house when she left, we should have checked she had cell phone and house key in her handbag. And was wearing a coat.
When she leaves the house and we are not home - she has to have a key to lock the front door - but when we are here somewhere she just trots out without having to look in her bag.

Old lady care. Have to think all the time. :-(


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