Saturday, 27 April 2013

Day Care X 2???????!!!!

Day care - plus plus.

Wish I could bring you the blow by blow on this one, but I had to go to work...and it all happened in my absence.

The day care manager and case worker came yesterday for a Kitchen Summit with Okaasan and Dear Son.

They proposed that Okaasan should go to day care TWICE a week from next month! Wow! We thought they were going to suggest and extra two days, but they went for the full doubling up.
It would be hula dance and ballroom dance and the other days of stretch exercises etc. Plus the usual bath, hair wash and lunch.

Dear Son told me that Okaasan wasn't greatly enthusiastic about it - am I still going there? Twice a week? Why am I going there? Yes, it's fun...but....

But she didn't stand a chance against the combined will of 3 people. She signed the contract and maybe this will start next month.


I'm surprised actually. I was grateful for once a week - and it has made a huge difference to her mental and physical condition this winter. Somewhere to go, people to talk to, stimulation away from the TV and folding up bits of old newspaper to make bag filling (Okaasan's endless habit).
But I thought her condition probably didn't qualify her for more than once a week for now - plus the fact that she lives with family and has such stimulating conversations with us.
Recently everything we talk about she connects with wartime - whether it is Dear Son's childhood in the early 1960's or honeymooning couples in the 1980's - she talks about anything and relates it to: "Well, that was just after the war, so..."

But day care twice a week Great! IF - BIG "IF" - we can get her to go....yoohooo!!

* Last night we watched another program in the recent history in Japan home videos program. There was one of a family with their demented granny - she was throwing food around, manhandling the cat and trying to bite people while they dressed her....Dear Son and I watched in silence and that all ahead of us? The aggression? The acting out?
Okaasan on bad days has been verbally agressive with us - I can't imagine her trying to bite us.
Who knows?

Public holidays in Japan now. And I'm home with a cold.
I may not make it out of pajamas today..

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