Friday, 5 April 2013

Spling has splung.

"Spling" as a hair salon near me has announced - is here finally in Sapporo.
Dirty piles of snow are melting, the streets are almost walkable in normal shoes and even the garden is beginning to appear.
Time for one more ski this weekend?

He is home and our life is quietly normal. I'm having a quiet week at work too, so I go to the gym, go home, catch up on e mails to friends, actually read the newspaper....

Okaasan went off to day care and ballroom dancing, without a peep of protest.
Said "It was fun", when she came home.

I wonder; how much longer will she agree to go?
When we were all trying to push her into the terrible idea we argued: "the roads are bad in winter, you can't walk, so this is good winter exercise....".
Now the roads are better and better. Will she announce that she doesn't want to go? Will the enjoyment of the dance and (maybe) the other people be strong enough to keep her positive about the experience?
Soooooo hope so.

At dinner after day care Dear Son asked her if she had enjoyed it. She said she had.
And that was it. Usually you would offer some piece of information about that experience - but Okaasan offers nothing. No comments about the lunch at the center, the flowers, the other people, the dance class.
I think she knows she went there - probably the actual details of the day are a fog.

So. Fingers crossed that she will continue going.

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