Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Son to the rescue

When he offered to take his old mum into his home and daily life - he had no idea what he was getting into...

Last night Okaasan had a major toilet accident and he persuaded her to come OUT of the toilet, helped her across the kitchen to the shower room, cleaned up her underwear etc (Oyomesan cleaned the toilet...)

Okaasan pretty distressed about it, of course. At first I kept out of the way upstairs - to spare Okaasan even more upset and to give son time to step up and get involved.
And he did.

End of the Japanese Golden Week holidays...a jumble of public holidays on the calender which give the whole nation a  bit of freedom.
Sadly, where I live the weather was awful. Cold, grey and wet.
I had a virus from the start of the holidays and spent the whole time with below level energy levels and no interest in anything. I slipped from day to day, somehow.
My friend with baby had had the good sense to escape south to her parents' home...so it was a quiet time. I didn't even make an effort to see anybody.
On the computer I did my accounts for 3 months and started moving emails over to a new address.
Saw 4? 5? movies. Ate lunch out a lot to escape lunches with Okaasan. Watched a lot of TV.
Did get out for one walk in beautiful springtime...to see skunk cabbages growing in a marsh park...my knee survived 2 hours of almost flat walking. It felt goooood to walk again - maybe this year I can do more and more.

Today Okaasan went off again to day care - all positively it seemed. This week will be the first with TWO day care visits. We'll see if she enjoys that, or if it is too exhausting.
The center report about her last time mentioned that she kept asking the staff: "why am I here when there is no dancing?"...so she isn't entirely in the flow of going there just because it is fun.

Ahhh...back to work today.

But! This week - arrival of our new baby! A new car!!!!! And I will do 4 days of intense work at an international conference of doctors, information desk support staff...ready to answer ANY questions...maybe.


  1. I am sorry to bring this up again, but please reconsider a medical evaluation. I know she is "medical resistant", but Y. should use his "son authority" on this and take her to a doctor.

    You both must know what is causing so many accidents. Talk to him, and talk to the social services person in charge of her health profiling, ask for guidance.

    Last time I talk about it, I promise. It just pains me to see you dealing with such an unpleasant situation because most of the time there is a solution for dealing with the accidents.


  2. Hi Francesca....thasnkyou for your comment - I know.....we should...i'll try and do it via the social service person...but it won't be easy...he is resistent to doing anything that'll be a struggle.,...and she is TOTALLY opposed to Western medicine ideas and of course she has no memory of any toilet accidents..